Sunday, 10 January 2010

Update: Brewer's Choice Old Ale

I've just taken a sample of this to check the gravity after a week in the FV.  It's at 1.014, meaning it could do with dropping another couple of points.  I was planning on leaving it in for another week anyhow, which I will definitely do now.  After all, I've still got about 8 pints of Linthwaite left in the barrel.

I obviously had a sneaky taste of the sample I'd taken out, am drinking it now actually.  It's pretty dark and tastes malty rather than hoppy.  Smelling it, there is very little hop aroma.  In the mouth it has a decent amount of body and some dominant smoky/coffee flavours.  These will mellow as it matures in the cask. At the end, you get just enough hop bitterness coming through to balance the maltiness.

It's a promising start...

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