Saturday, 2 January 2010

All set for 2010!

Merry New Year! I hope the next year holds a whole pile of wonderfulness for all of you, and that you had a marvellous Christmas full of drinking and far too much food (I certainly did).  Santa brought me some brilliant brewery related presents, which I shall share with you now.
First up, a group shot:

A book of recipes; a general book about setting up a brewery properly; an Electrim 'Mashing Bin' (really a boiler) and (best of all) my very own Boiler Room Brewery T-Shirt (merchandise may become available very soon...)

Another shot of the T-Shirt 'cos I love it so much:
And finally the inside of the boiler (needs a hop filter made for it really, but I intend to start off just using hop bags to save needing one.  It's essentially a plastic bucket with a kettle element and a tap, but I could never have made one myself as some people have.  The best thing about it is the thermostat.

Also on the way, but not yet with me thanks to Hop and Grape being out of stock, is a 'mini keg starter set' made by Brewferm, which I'll obviously put photos of up here when it does arrive.

I'm hoping tomorrow I'll get time to put the next kit (a Brewer's Choice Old Ale) on tomorrow, so you may well hear from me then...

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