Saturday, 17 April 2010

Name for Summer Lightning clone, and Homebrew Primer started

I mentioned the other day wanting an election themed name for the brew I made the other day and Housemate has come up with one for me.  As I made the beer on the day of the first televised debate, it will be called "I agree with Nick" as that was such a popular phrase during the debate.

Also in the news, I have begun writing a Homebrew Primer.  Several people at school have asked me to write a little thing that explains the process of homebrewing and the equipment one needs etc.  On account of me being nice and all, I decided to oblige and sat down yesterday and wrote.  It all came quite easily and I ended up with about 3,500 words written quite quickly (about 6 pages).  I'm going to write one more section, edit it it etc. then make it available for free download on this site.  It will start off just about getting into kit brewing as that's the simplest and the one I know most about, but it will expand when I learn more about the other methods.

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