Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Boiler Test

So now that the kegs to put my own creations in have arrived, I'm going to start actually making them, putting my boiler to use.  This means that I have to test the boiler to make sure that it a) holds water, b) heats water up and c) keeps that water at the temperature it reaches.  I also need to measure how much water it loses during a long boil.  When I know this, I can plug the loss figure into Beer Engine and work out how much water I need to put in at the start of the boil in order to get a beer the right strength (does this make sense?).

The water is in and the element is on, I'll fill you in when the test has progressed further...

EDIT: It just finished getting up to 70C, which is roughly where I'll need it for steeping grains.  At some point I'll need to figure out how to get it to stay at that temp, but right now I'm leaving it on full to get it to boil.

EDIT 2: Up to the boil now, just need to let it do its thing for 90 mins and measure how much less water is in there at the end...

EDIT 3: Forgot to update this earlier (went to the pub instead), but after a 90 minute boil, the water had gone down by about 4 litres.  This seems like quite lot to me, but that's how it went...I'm just about set to start extract brewing now, so expect a post about that in the next few days (while I'm on easter holidays...)

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