Saturday, 17 October 2009

Milestone Lion's Pride

Chris and I just drank the last couple of pints of this darkish session ale last night. It's the third Milestone kit I have done, and the only one to get down to its target gravity of 1.009 (from 1.040) which I put down to me getting the yeast (a pack of Safale S04 that I substituted) going in a bottle of the wort before pouring it in, and using Yeast Vit.

It was a good, drinkable beer. Being quite sweet and not particularly hoppy, some might say too sweet and not hoppy enough, made it the sort of beer one could knock three or four of which back before noticing how many you'd drunk. One problem was a slight after taste of banana (more so than in the stout that I'm currently drinking) which I think was down to fermenting it a little bit too high.

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