Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bit of a Bottling Nightmare

So I finally got round to barrelling/bottling the Wherry today after school.  My plan was to do what I usually do to put the beer into a barrel then use the tap from the barrel with some tubing on the end to fill six bottles (I've decided I'm going to do this from now on with kits so I have some things to give to friends etc.).  A sound plan you might think?  Well, me too!

But NO!  Transferring into the barrel went fine, aided by a G clamp I bought today to hold the syphon tube in place.  However, my problems started when I realised the tubing I wanted to use didn't fit over the tap so I had to rethink my plan and ended up syphoning again out of the barrel into the bottles.  This was okay but I kept on over filling them and it was a bit hassle-ous.  The tragedy came when I tried to put the crown caps on the bottles.  Two of the bottles I had used wouldn't take the capper!  This means I've now wasted 2 pints (ish) of beer, which is pretty much a cardinal sin in my world...

That said, I now have a barrel and four bottles full of Wherry that ended up dropping to 1.010, which gives me a very rough ABV of 4.1%.  However, this is far from an accurate measurement (one calculator i found online gave me an ABV of 4.8%! Seems a little high...)

I shall post a picture once I've printed labels and stuck them on the bottles...

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